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Becoming An Independent Sales Professional

Becoming an independent sales professional

If you have a background in sales, a great attitude and skill set but would like to be in control of your own destiny, you might consider becoming an independent sales agent.

So, what exactly, is an independent sales agent?

A self-employed salesperson who works alone for one or more non-competing companies, normally in a specific geographical area. Essentially most sales agents work on a commission-only basis, selling a range of products. The most effective sales agents will amass a portfolio of products that complement each other and ensure their success.

Getting started

In order to start working as an independent sales agent, you need to register as self-employed. What this involves will vary from country to country and you’re probably best speaking to your local tax office to find out.  In the UK for instance, you can choose to work as a sole trader or register a company and work via your company.  It is also possible to start off as a sole trader and move your business across to a company once you have a regular income stream coming in.  There are pros and cons to both, so seek the relevant advice. In some countries it is also possible to get government support while you set yourself up as self-employed.

Building the right portfolio

As a self-employed sales agent, it’s essential you build the right portfolio to ensure an income level that is as stable as possible. This includes having products from established manufacturers that are well known in the market and have good brand awareness, as well as some that are new to the marketplace that may come from SMEs (small and medium enterprises). Probably the most important factor though in ensuring a balanced portfolio is getting products with a range of lead times. The likelihood is that you will earn higher commission rates on high-value products with a longer lead time.  Those products that are “run-rate”, that is high volume, repeat-order products, generally have a much shorter lead time and as a result a lower rate of commission.

Ready to take the leap?

If you believe you are an experienced sales professional and have the skills, determination and network of contacts why not take the leap into being self-employed.  This could be your opportunity to be master of your own destiny, with an unlimited earning potential and ability to determine your work-life balance. Contact us today to find out more or upload your CV directly.



Image credits: Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

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