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The Benefits Of Becoming A Self-employed Sales Professional

The benefits of becoming a self-employed sales professional

Ever thought of becoming an independent sales professional? With more and more businesses choosing to go down the route of hiring self-employed sales representatives, there are numerous opportunities, if you choose to take the leap.

What’s in it for me?

It’s only natural that you’d want to understand if it would be worth your while. There is a lot to consider especially if you have a family to support and / or a mortgage to pay.  So, let’s start by saying that you have the potential for uncapped earnings. There are many successful self-employed salespeople who are earning three times or more what they would have earned being employed.  But don’t get too excited just yet, remember if you don’t earn you don’t eat.  That should be all the motivation you need to ensure you work hard and you work smart.  Another big plus is that you get to determine when and how you work. Whether it means fitting your day around the children or starting early and finishing early, the choice is yours.

Be your own boss

Often in times of recession, companies often make cuts to their sales force, leaving you facing redundancy, possibly not for the first time. Being your own boss, means never being made redundant again. No one will judge how well you fit with the company ethos, whether you’re too old or too young, too experienced or not experienced enough, you will only be judged on your success.  And your success depends on your motivation, your unique experience and your network of contacts.

Sell what you want, where you want

While you might get to choose what you sell and where you sell it, remember if you don’t sell, you don’t eat.  So be strategic when you decide on your portfolio of products and the geographical area you want to work in. Make sure that there are enough customers or potential customers in your area and that your portfolio is well balanced.  Ideally you want a mix of products with a long lead time and short lead time, as the commission rates will vary. Generally high-value products with a long lead time will have a higher rate of commission. If you supplement these with the quick turnover products with a lower rate of commission, you should ensure a fairly steady income.

What is the risk to me?

There is always a risk being self-employed. You are however in charge of your own destiny and the good news is there is a raft of EU Legislation to protect you, for example ‘The Commercial Agents Regulations Act 1993’. This legislation governs the fact that you need to have a contract in place with your principal (the manufacturer you represent) which contains both protection and obligations that both parties must adhere to.  In some countries, when setting up as an independent sales professional there is even some level of government support.

Ready to take the leap?

If you believe you are an experienced sales professional and have the skills, determination and network of contacts why not take the leap into being self-employed.  This could be your opportunity to be master of your own destiny, with an unlimited earning potential and ability to determine your work-life balance. Contact us today to find out more or upload your CV directly.


Image credits: Photo by Lukas from Pexels

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