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Our Value-Add Proposition

Taruna offers manufacturers an alternative route to market achieving geographical coverage without up-front investment. The Taruna Model is not only scalable, but it can also positively impact the P&L by adding more variable costs rather than fixed, which means potential additional annual profit.

Healthcare Manufacturers' Challenges

Taruna helps to overcome the following business challenges:

  • Achieving decent market coverage for new businesses
  • Finding the right portfolio mix to maximise market penetration and profits
  • Customers’ expectations of access to high-value products for low prices
  • Decreasing margins on product portfolio
  • Pressure to further reduce overheads and improve the value of your offering

Get connected to the Taruna network and start seeing the benefits to your business today.


Taruna Healthcare Advantages

Whether as a manufacturer you’re looking for geographic expansion or market penetration, whether your product is a new launch or a more established cash cow, and whether you’re a new start-up or an established business, Taruna can offer a solution that works for you. The flexibility provided by the Taruna Model means that you have the opportunity to market any under-utilised asset to any customer supported by a team of sales professionals, helping you to maintain the existing margins on your product portfolio in spite of increasing pressure from end customers.


Our unusual business structure places us in the ideal position to be the perfect channel to market for you. We aim to maximise your revenue in the most efficient and effective way possible. You choose which products, geographies and/or customer segments we represent and whether it’s done exclusively or in parallel with your own direct sales channel. The Taruna model is flexible and can be adapted to any business situation that needs to be covered. We ensure that each sales professional has access to an optimised portfolio of complementary products, targeting the same end-users, representing a one-stop shop, be it that products could be from different, non-competing manufacturers.

Selected Manufacturing Partners

Taruna Medical’s manufacturing partners have been carefully selected to complement our portfolio of solutions. A partner’s entire range may be represented by Taruna or we may have chosen specific product groups and offerings.

Our partner portfolio is expanding on a regular basis to meet the ever-changing demands.

What our manufacturing partners are saying about us:

Key to our success

“The Taruna model is a great way for us to drive true commercial excellence. Having a commercial team that’s focused on selling will be key to our success going forward.”

Extensive knowledge

“From our initial engagement with the Taruna team we have been astonished at their market knowledge. The extensive knowledge that they have across the team have challenged the way that we think about our business today. We have engaged with the Taruna team over the last six months and look forward to our agreement going live in Q4 2020. We understand the model and its potential for us as a business.”

Taruna offers something different

“Our industry has been under margin pressure for a number of years. As a business we have explored various direct and indirect models to help us grow our margin, with little success. The Taruna model offers something different.  We are excited to deploy the model within our business over the next 12 months with a view of removing a lot of the fixed costs associated with running a direct sales channel.” 

Added so much value

“From our initial engagement with the Taruna Medical team through to agreement sign off, it’s been a journey in which the Taruna team have added so much value. Their insight into the challenges our business faces today are like a breath of fresh air. The model is interesting for various reasons and we look forward to working with the Taruna team going forward.”

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