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Global Life Sciences Market

The global Life Science and Laboratory Equipment market is expected to reach approximately USD 60 billion by 2023, at a CAGR of + 7% during the forecast period of 2018 to 2023. It includes a range of highly sophisticated technologies covering a wide variety of applications in studying interactions, detection, quantification, qualification, and handling of biomolecules to develop biotechnology and life sciences research.

Biotechnology and Life Sciences
Life Sciences
Laboratory equipment in the Life Sciences market

The growth trajectory of the global life sciences industry has benefited from a combination of novel technologies, microbiome and single-cell, relaxation of entry barriers, and better-defined regulatory frameworks around next-generation therapies and companion diagnostics. Government initiatives, increasing investments and funding for life sciences, increasing clinical capabilities, expansion in the various application areas, and growing academic-industry collaborations, are all a major driver.

Market growth is also being driven by a combination of additional factors including the emergence of various chronic diseases and new viruses like COVID-19, a growing patient population suffering from life-style related problems and an ageing population, all of which are driving greater demand and expenditure on additional laboratory research and thereby laboratory instrumentation. This is offset by the increasing cost of the instruments and, as a result, many manufacturers are undertaking strategic partnerships and acquisitions.

There are various industries and/or facilities that are served by the life sciences and analytical instruments sector including pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, environmental testing, academic research institutes, agriculture and food, hospitals & diagnostic laboratories, and forensic laboratories.

Why choose the Taruna Model?

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