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Continence Care Overview

The Continence and Urology markets continue to offer great opportunity for product manufacturers. The global rapidly ageing populations along with rising rates of associated health conditions are fuelling growth potential in this market space.

Continence care

The wide range of patients’ needs combined with increased patient awareness has opened up opportunities for manufacturers to innovate products. Many patients are using social media to increase awareness and normalise various conditions. Normalising these conditions and giving better access to products is contributing to the growth in the market.

Market challenges including generic products, increased service requirements and access to Healthcare Professionals are impacting the potential growth of the industry. Budget constraints challenge manufacturers to continue to provide full support and service whilst managing their fixed costs.

This is where Taruna Medical can help.  By operating a platform where the cost is directly related to revenues Taruna can reduce fixed costs whilst still facilitating access to key decision makers. Our performance-based model can gain access to and improve coverage through a professional sales channel. The model removes fixed costs whilst facilitating access to the market. If you are operating in the Urology or Continence market and would benefit from increased exposure and focus without the associated fixed costs, then please get in touch.

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