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Critical care market overview

The critical care environment in the acute hospital is one of the most intense areas to work in within a hospital. This has been highlighted during the ongoing global pandemic that we are all experiencing. The environment of an ICU, NICU or a PICU is dedicated to the management and monitoring of patients with life-threatening conditions with the ultimate aim of saving lives.

Critical care market

Approximately only 5% of patients presenting to an acute care organisation will end up needing intensive care. Although this rate may seem remarkably low, literature tells us that depending on the size of the critical care units, they can take up to 30% of a hospital budget.

Although the spend in critical care does eat up a large proportion of a hospital budget, teams are looking for ways of managing their budgets in the most effective ways, making sure that every penny is spent wisely on the best quality products with the best clinical outcomes. It is often said that if you can introduce a product into intensive care and have it accepted by the team as an effective product that contributes to the critical work of the carers in the critical care unit you are half way to making sure that product is used throughout a hospital.

This is where Taruna Medical can help. By operating a platform where is the cost is directly related to revenue, Taruna can reduce the fixed costs of your business whilst still facilitating access to key decision makers. The Taruna team only earn a percentage of what they sell, meaning they are eager and driven to generate revenue. If you are operating within the Critical Care (ICU, PICU and NICU) or HDU market and would benefit from increased engagement without increased fixed cost, then please get in touch.

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