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Respiratory overview

Respiratory devices are devices that are used to support people who are suffering from respiratory problems and cannot achieve satisfactory oxygen levels to sustain life.

Respiratory diseases are the main cause of deaths globally. Lung infections like pneumonia and lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and tuberculosis together accounted for approximately 12.5 million deaths globally in 2018, a fifth of the global total.


The Respiratory Care Market (Therapeutic Devices, Diagnostic & Monitoring Devices and Disposables) is expected to reach 29.9 billion US Dollars by 2025 from circa 16 billion US Dollars in 2019. During the recent outbreak of coronavirus there has been an increase in demand for respiratory care devices, leading to exponential growth, to an estimated market in the region of 58 billion US Dollars.

The key driver for the respiratory market is the outbreak of infectious diseases that affect the respiratory system, which is demonstrated by the significant increase in demand due to the outbreak of Covid-19 as highlighted above.

Existing manufacturers and innovative start-up companies will strive to continually increase their focus on delivering new products and services that support the increase in demand in the fight against ever-evolving infectious diseases affecting the respiratory system. Their biggest challenge however, may be doing so whilst continuing to compete against challenged budgets, either from within their organisation or from their customers.

This is where Taruna Medical can help. By operating a platform where cost is directly related to revenues, Taruna can reduce the fixed costs of manufacturers whilst still facilitating access to key decision makers. This enables the manufacturer to focus their funding in other key strategic areas, be they innovation, research or any other aspect of their business.

If you are operating within the Respiratory Care market and would benefit from increased engagement and an increased footfall without increased fixed cost, then please get in touch.

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