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New Taruna Whitepaper suggests that self-employment could be the key to happiness in medical sales

Recent research has suggested that those running their own business are more likely to be happy, consider their lives worthwhile, and feel lower levels of anxiety than those in employment.  Should medical sales professionals consider setting up their own business to take advantage of these benefits?  A new whitepaper from Taruna suggests so.

As well as the benefits listed above ownership, flexibility, escaping from corporate life and increased earning potential are all discussed.  The considerations that individuals should make, such as taking responsibility for all decisions, are also explored.

The Taruna Model makes entrepreneurship in medical sales easy by creating specialist portfolios of products to sell and offering support in all aspects of running a business.

Given how the pandemic has changed the medical sales market, and how it has caused so many to reassess their work life balance, this may be the perfect time to explore this option.

Please click here to download the paper – How the Taruna Model can empower you to run your own Business in Medical Sales

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