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Our Value-Add Proposition

Taruna offers sales consultants all the support you need working in the highly regulated Medical Technology industry. You have the benefit of a balanced portfolio of products to take to market, increasing your chance of a stable and consistent income.

Healthcare Sales Consultants' Advantages

Taruna helps to overcome the following business challenges:

  • You have the opportunity for uncapped earnings and can determine your own work/life balance
  • You can experience the freedom of being self-employed, not bound by the bureaucracy found in many companies
  • Being independent you don’t have to worry about being made redundant especially given that internal sales forces traditionally have a high turnover and in an uncertain market are plagued by cost and margin pressures
  • Help accessing any government support that may be available when setting up as an independent sales consultant
  • You are master of your own destiny, determining your own limits, your preferred geographical area, and also the manufacturers with whom you choose to work
  • There’s no need to worry about your fit within a company, or even whether you match the profile of the average sales representative, the only thing you’ll be judged on is your performance
  • Your success depends on your motivation, your unique experience and your network of contacts.

So get connected to the Taruna network by uploading your CV below and start experiencing a new way of working.


Working with Taruna as a Sales Consultant

As a member of the Taruna sales community you will enjoy the support and benefits of the collective Taruna team and our unique platform. We are continually growing our portfolio of connected manufacturers, offering customised product baskets that fit your profile. In addition, you’ll get support to set-up as an Independent Sales Professional ensuring that you’re fully compliant with local rules & regulations. Taruna members gain full benefit of the platform capabilities, including but not limited to a full CRM capability, product training, quote-to-order facilitation and technical support. You can also be assured that the manufacturer is there to support you and your customers every step of the way. So, whether you already work as an Independent Sales Professional or want to become one, either full-time or part-time, Taruna is the way to get connected to both manufacturers and customers!


Working with our preferred partner, Aptum Recruitment, you can upload your personalised CV and contact details in complete privacy.

Once we’ve received your details we’ll be in touch with you to review the next steps.

The team at Taruna are looking forward to welcoming you to our fast expanding network.

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