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Taruna model
Medical technology products
Taruna model
Medical product portfolio

Our areas of operation

The beauty of the Taruna Model is that it can be applied to any industry and any market. Our initial focus is on the medical technology market as it is huge and it’s where our experience lies.

Medical technology includes everything from medical devices to life sciences and pharmaceuticals. The products can range from consumables like surgical gloves or dressings to large installations like capital equipment for the operating room or even the equipment for laboratory testing.

At Taruna we are constantly reviewing the areas in which we operate and the range of products we offer. Our dynamic model means that we can add new specialty areas as soon as we become aware of the market need. We work with manufacturers across the spectrum, both large multinationals and SMEs, who all face very similar challenges in getting their products to market.

Each area is represented by sales professionals who not only have considerable experience in that area but also have an extensive network, with relationships that they have nurtured for years.

How we work in our chosen areas

The head of each designated product area works really hard to pull together a portfolio of non-competing, complementary products that the end customer can utilise in the course of their interactions with patients and consumers. These products may come from one or more manufacturers, an approach that we believe is beneficial to all parties. For manufacturers it might mean that they have more of their products exposed to a wider variety of customers, and the busy healthcare worker or procurement specialist will save time by seeing more products in a fewer number of visits from salespeople. For our sales consultants, having a balanced portfolio of products should mean a mix of lead times too, helping them to maintain a consistent income.

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