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Working with Taruna delivers flexibility, market penetration and a sales channel maximising your business expansion opportunities. These videos explain how we approach the market with our atypical Taruna model, discuss key go-to-market activities and introduce you to key aspects of our company.

The Taruna Model Explainer Video

Taruna Model Explainer Video

The Taruna Model: a low risk high reward route to market

The flexibility of the Taruna Model means that whether you’re a large multinational, a start-up or somewhere in between, you can market any product or service to any customer. Taruna will support you with a team of sales professionals helping you maintain existing margins on your product portfolio in spite of increased pressure from end customers to reduce prices.

Taruna Webinar

Taruna Webinar - Optimising Your Channel To Market In A Changing Environment

Optimising your channel to market in a changing environment

MARK VOSSENAAR, Founder and Chairman with PETER MOSS, Chief Commercial Officer discuss the methodology and advantages of the Taruna Model. The recorded webinar focuses on Optimising Your Channel To Market, particularly in wound care and how the market shift has changed the environment and how adapting to change can deliver significant benefits. Peter talks to Ed Rusling from WoundCare People, Justin Cole from Health Data Analytics and Tom Phillips from TLP Delivers.

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